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I never believed in 3D. I always thought it was ridiculous having to wear extra glasses, watching effects that are little more than just … effects, and having to pay even more for already grossly overpriced theater tickets to see shitty movies with things flying at you. No thanks, I rather watch good movies. Flat.

The problem is that 3D television requires people to change their viewing habits. Normally, viewers watching even their favourite shows tend to be in reasonably lit rooms doing several things at once—scanning newspapers and magazines, using the phone, even browsing the web and answering e-mail. Taking 3D glasses off and on to do such things quickly becomes a chore. No surprise that even ardent early fans of 3D television have largely gone back to watching traditional fare. – The Economist „The Difference Engine: Beyond HDTV

I am not saying 3D will never work, but so far there just have been modest improvements on a technology that is decades old. What we need is a break and something truly innovative and intuitive, not yet another multi billion dollar production like Avatar, which looked only slightly better in 3D. Here’s another rant I wrote about 3D in movies, many months ago.

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