Book review: Delta-V

Every now and then I dig a good science fiction book. This one got recommended to me from I forgot who and I wholly enjoyed it. It is almost not a science fiction book but a macro-economic foresight scenario. The bulk of the book concerns a very elaborate plan by a fictitious Elon Musk type quadrillionaire to start mining asteroids and kick start a space economy. The story is told both from a young lawyer who basically gets drawn into the scheme almost unwittingly as well as from the perspective of the astronaut trainees. The book more or less abruptly ends too soon and looses detail towards the end. It is therefore a bit unbalanced, with more time spent in the early stages of the endeavor and less detail spent telling the later part of the story. Granted, that isn’t what the author was interested in in the first place, but it’s a bit of a bummer that when the whole thing starts getting interesting, the book ends. It’s still super recommended for the detailed telling of the economic, legal, physical (obviously you will learn what „Delta V“ stands for) and geopolitical aspects of this scenario alone. I learned a lot and enjoyed the book immensely. A sequel (called Critical Mass) will arrive next year.

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