Blogging Away About Governance 2.0

I finally wrote the stuff down that I had in my head for some time now. I’m talking about two blog posts on two different but somewhat related websites. Both little thoughts are about government 2.0 in a larger sense, and specifically, one post is a word of pessimism and caution about politics 2.0 entitled „Bread and Games 2.0„, which you can read at my professor Philipp Mueller’s blog right here, and the other is one dealing with how public institutions have to rethink their clients, or constituents, as we’re entering a new era of how governance works in the information society. That blog post is called „Rethinking the client“ and is available at the new think tank Philipp and I have put together, the Center for Public Management and Governance. Enjoy reading.

Update: Both entries are now live, and I’m also working on a blog post about the „feed back culture“ which I will also post on Philipp’s blog.


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