I’ve done it. I’m now part of the BlackBerry crowd, believe it or not. Maybe I’ll even set it up so I can blog from it whenever I’m bored (rarely the case these days as you can see from the lag of entries on this page). I think with the corresponding network plan the so-called „evernet“ is finally here. You’re always online, you get emails just like text messages, you no longer need to find a Wi-fi hotspot or other computer to check our facebook messages and so on. I have noticed, that one of the very pleasant and surprising side effects is, that it actually helps what some might call internet addiction. No longer do you feel sort of itchy when you’re really waiting for an important email. I’ll come right to your jacket pocket! No more worries. In some ways I feel liberated. I’m no longer chasing the internet, the internet is coming to me!


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