Book review: Net of Insecurity / The Threatened Net

netofinsecurityOriginally published as a series of articles in the Washington Post called „Net of Insecurity“, the little eBook re-release „The Threatened Net“ (Play Books / Kindle) covers the origins of the internet and the roots of the security problems we are dealing with today.

Author Craig Timberg traces the history of today’s information infrastructure back to its founders, the hackers, the funders and the innovators. He talks to people involved in DARPA, L0ft, he talks to Torvalds and others, trying to piece together the political and market forces that have determined the open and insecure nature of today’s internet and information systems. It’s not the most detailed, technological or historic document, but a concise, entertaining and readworthy text. At times I found it scratched the surfaces too much, left out essential aspects of the issue, and put too much blame on certain individuals, but the book manages to paint a decent picture of the overall mess and helps any newcomer get access to this complex topic. Recommended reading.


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